ABJ Company

Finding the inner artist and the profound technician are the main objectives we strive for in our ABJ Company dancers.  Each dancer is unique and their contribution to the art form is significant; finding the best ways for each student to achieve their maximum potential is essential to maintaining our integrity as a company.  Through various opportunities offered in-studio and through traveling conventions, ABJ Company dancers will be afforded the chance to be pushed artistically and technically.  Our comprehensive team allows dancers to build relationships, inspire others, support peers and work as a team.  While still maintaining the ability to determine the level of commitment, families will not be over-burdened with too many dances; yet selective opportunities will be offered to still challenge and encourage the most intense student.

We consistently set goals for our dancers and try to compete in a high-caliber environment where we can always be motivated and inspired by like-minded studios and dancers.  For us, competition will always be about motivating, inspiring and educating kids in a positive environment. We want our dancers to focus on doing their PERSONAL best, not winning.  If they have done their best, we are happy and proud.  Sometimes that personal best may not place in overalls and that’s fine!  We will receive feedback from knowledgeable and experienced professionals.  This will be used as a basis for improvement, growth and accountability.

Our dancers are learning, thinking and being creative as well as training their bodies.  They are learning important time management skills.  They are realizing the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship.  All these lessons easily adapt into other areas of their lives and will serve them well through adulthood.  We are beyond proud of the successful competitive program at the Academy of Ballet and Jazz and we look forward to growing and training young dancers.